Lift Sales &    Installations

All repairs and installation work is done to the standards set by the manufacturer.

Get the best lift for your shop. We only use the top brands and can handle all your lifting needs. 

   Lift Inspections

ANSI standards mandate that a qualified lift inspector must inspect all vehicle lifts at least annually.

Our lift inspectors are certified and have been trained, tested and have performed numerous practical inspections to ensure a thorough knowledge of lift inspection procedures.

Lift safety training is also available.

Get inspected, your business is riding on it.

Service Department Design,furnish & Install

We have what you need!

All this and more

  • Air compressors
  • lubrication systems
  • alignment systems
  • lifting systems
  • parts storage
  • exhaust systems
  • tire & wheel service
  • welding systems
  • brake service
  • diagnostic equipment
  • air & oil pipe

     Just providing your shop equipment isn't enough-it has to work together.